GVim Portable
The famous editor made portable

Version 7.1.0 (2007-07-28)

Additions and changes
  • vim update: 7.1.42

  • released under GPLv3

Version 7.0.2 (2007-01-11)

Additions and changes
  • Version is compiled by myself (using cygwin)

  • vim update: 7.0.182

  • new splash screen

Bug fixes
  • Made launcher compatible to alternative directory structures

Version 7.0.1 zip (2006-11-15)

Additions and changes
  • Additionally released zip files

Version 7.0.1-p1 (2006-09-20)

Bug fixes
  • rgb.txt does not get deleted any more in the light version

Version 7.0.1 (2006-09-14)

Additions and changes
  • Better compatibility to PortableApps.com

  • fancy Splash Screen

Version 7.0.0 (2006-05-19)

Additions and changes
  • Initial Release

My work is heavily based on the scripts provided by John T. Haller.